In 1991 NASA discovered a possible alien probe!

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Did You Know?, Mistery, Science, Uncategorized, Weird News

With all of the attention coming from the predicted 2012 apocalypse also naturally came increased interest in alien life and possible interaction. While countless theories about how aliens have visited Earth, or are here right now, have been released, most can be dismissed as something to scare people before they go to sleep at night.

However, in 1991 there was a genuine report by NASA about a possible probe orbiting Earth! It has been named 1991 VG because in December of that year what has been described as a roughly 10 meter object on a heliocentric orbit came very close to Earth. There were rapid brightness fluctuations and it had a very similar orbit to that of Earth, leading scientists to believe that it was a man made object.

The strange part is when they checked manmade satellites that had been sent into space, they quickly discovered the object didn’t match anything we put up there. Also, the very precise movements of the object lead scientists to believe it was a controlled rather than random encounter meaning something was probably watching us.

Scary? Don’t worry the probe did move away so hopefully we have nothing to worry about. But don’t get your hopes up too far because it is scheduled to return to Earth’s vicinity in the year 2016.


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