The Ghost Town of North Korea

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Weird News

There’s an empty city in North Korea built to be propaganda!

It’s called Kijŏng-dong, and it is a village in P’yŏnghwa-ri, North Korea. Known in North Korea as “Peace Village,” it is widely referred to as “Propaganda Village.” It is one of the only two villages that has been permitted to remain in the four-kilometer wide DMZ, or Demilitarized zone, between North and South Korea established in 1953.

However, the village isn’t actually populated. North Korea officially maintains that the village contains a 200 family farm, yet all reports from the area say otherwise. Outsiders believe the town was established as a propaganda tool of the North Korean government to give off the image that the country is strong and hospitable.

There are several brightly painted building and apartments, even wired with electricity, which was an amazing level of luxury for the 1950’s in either North or South Korea.

To the naked eye it appears to be a healthy, fully functioning village. However, modern telescopes have found that the buildings are simply concrete shells without window glass or even actual rooms inside and that a skeleton crew is hired to routinely clean the place to give off the appearance of activity!

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