Posted: October 10, 2012 in Cool Places, Interesting News, Literature, Photos, World


Looking for an inspiring and cool place to read a book? Check out this photography collection by Rafael Neff, he captured some of the world’s most beautiful libraries:

library9 640x463 Worlds most beautiful librarieslibrary3 640x442 Worlds most beautiful librarieslibrary4 640x436 Worlds most beautiful librarieslibrary2 640x437 Worlds most beautiful librarieslibrary6 640x442 Worlds most beautiful librarieslibrary5 640x435 Worlds most beautiful librarieslibrary8 640x441 Worlds most beautiful librarieslibrary1 640x441 Worlds most beautiful librarieslibrary10 640x443 Worlds most beautiful librarieslibrary11 640x520 Worlds most beautiful libraries

  1. I had to stop and comment… These libraries look amazing, and I hope to someday visit them all!

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