“30% Dignity, 20% Beauty, 50% absurdity”

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Amazing Articles, Art, Interesting News, Photos

This is how the late artist Shigeo Fukuda described graphic art design. Whimsy was an important part of his creative spirit, and he sought to mesmerize if not downright confuse. Shadow art was part of his repertoire, as it is that of artists Kumi Yamashita, Larry Kagan and the studio of Tim Noble and Sue Webster. Just look at the amazing effects these artists get by casting light at the right angle on a variety of mediums from wire, found objects, and sculpture.

Larry Kagan, one of the shadow artists, muses that when the light is off , viewers think they’re simply looking at abstract art. When the light comes on, they laugh. Have you ever tried manipulating light and shadow in such ways? Akin to throwing shadow puppets on the wall, this takes it to an extraordinary level.

Astounding images aren’t they? An amazing amount of vision, imagination, time and patience must go into creating such artwork.


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