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Award-winning photographer Seth Casteel, also known as  ”The Underwater Dog Guy”, has been featured in “National Geographic”, “The New York Times”, “Time Magazine” and on “Good Morning America”, “Extra”, “CNN”, “World Report”, “The Today Show” and “Jeopardy”.  As one  of the most published pet photographer in the world, his work can be seen in hundreds of magazines, calendars, posters, books and TV show.

His passion for working with animals shines through in craftsmanship, whether he’s on location in Beverly Hills photoghraphing a pampered pooch or volunteering t the local shelter taking pictures of dogs and cats to help find them forever homes.

Our pets are our friends- our little friends! And they mean the world to us! Each of them has a unique and awesome personality, but it can be difficult to capture in a photograph.


“Chicks in Hats” is one of the photographs collections, which will definitely make you smile. This crazy project was started in 2011 by Julie Person and her 8 years old daughter. They designed various funny hats miniatures and putted them on  little chicks. It’s impossible not to smile as we see the chick in the top hat, the bonnet, or the recently married chick-couple.

I put hats on my chicks and then photograph them, this makes me happy. Life is short, put hats on your chicks if it makes you happy!

The artist has an Etsy shop where you can purchase the photographs as a greeting card set or as single magnets.

Every person have heard saying that every snowflake is unique, but not every person can imagine the deepest beuty inside them. That’s exactly what the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Maryland did with a low temperature scanning electron microscope.

Now you are wondering, what they have found in this small piece of frozen ice crystal? Then, you must see these images and look at the structure of snow crystals in all shapes and configurations. Some of them look like alien architecture from a distant world, but everyone agrees that the shapes just get crazier and crazier.

Take a look, enjoy and after all, we are all not tired of snow just yet, right?

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration only less than five percent of the world’s oceans have been explored. This means that more than 95% of deep underwater isn’t yet discovered. We can only imagine what crazy  and mysterious things are in unexplored ocean bowels.

This is an underwater structure built about 80 feet underwater off the coast of the southern Japanese island of Anami Oshima.  These “mystery circles” was dicovered by photographer Yoji Ookata who has spent the last 50 years exploring the coast of Japan.

The artist of these mysterious underwater circes is a small puffer fish!  Through careful observation the team found the circles serve a variety of crucial ecological functions, the most important of which is to attract mates. \

Check out these amazing underwater circles. How the small puffer fish could built these simetrcic and really outstanding artworks?


Ordinary objects can look amazing when viewed from closeup. That is the beauty of Macro photography. Check out these macro shots of ordinary insects and discover the beauty of it..

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By Shikhei Goh